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Vika Let’s Go for a Spin!
Let me apologize for the delay, our camera hit the fan BUT we purchased a new high end camera and it’s so tiny and cute! I can’t wait to try it out! We have a new model heading your way next week but for now you get to enjoy another drive with me. I am barefoot with red painted toenails and still slightly nervous after the ticket incident LOL!
05/31/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving
Vika Long Leg Crank!
I had so much fun with this clip, I am at the park showing off my favorite shoes. It’s a hot day so my feet are a little sweaty in these leather high heels and when it’s time to go, my car sputters and I accidentally keep cranking as it dies out. I’m not a mechanic but I look under the hood anyway hoping to find and easy solution to why my baby won’t start, it’s a futile effort! I stretch my long legs to the gas pedal and eventually she starts!
05/27/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Cranking
Vika Barefoot Rev!
Vika here again with another revving clip for you fans! I’m wearing a shirt that allows a great view as I show off my long, Russian legs in the car then I treat you to some revving fun as I am barefoot and flooring it making the engine scream! This was soooo fun for me I think you’ll love this clip!
05/24/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Revving
Vika Revving Debut!
This is Vika coming to you from your favorite site! This is VERY exciting for me, I am helping Ron with updates for the site after he taught me how to do everything. I had so much fun with this clip I have never just sat and revved a car before and when it shuttered under my feet, I giggled! I gave you guys a little special something during our time in the car while wearing my striped dress and tan high heels. A very big Thank You for all your support, you Guys are amazing!!!
05/21/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Revving
Vika Park Fun!
This is your day, Vika knows about your interests and she wants you to meet her at the park, but you are unsure of exactly why. As you wait patiently, you see her car coming and anticipation gets the best of you. You remember when she broke the ice with you on your first cranking experience with her so what could be next? She gets out of the car and walks towards you wearing her red keds, tight shorts and cute top but what’s that? She’s playfully dangling some high heels on her finger as she approaches. She changes out of her keds, gives you a nice barefoot show then puts on her high heels and dangles them for you. When she’s finished she takes you back to the car, looks the area over then tells you to hop in the backseat as she pulls the fuse then it’s another signature cranking show with full legs stretches that only Vika can deliver!
05/10/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Cranking
Vika Ticket Fund!
Of all the years I have been running this site, we have never had a mishap until, now. Vika got a speeding ticket! After a quiet filming day at the park, on the return trip home, Vika is wearing her red Keds as she grinds that gas pedal to the floor. She removes her shoes on this hot day and she continues barefoot. We weren’t even going that fast when Mr PoPo man steps into the middle of the road and directs us over. So there is a special message to you guys from her at the end of today’s clip, we are starting a Vika Ticket Fund hahaha. For those of you who would like to help with her ticket, drop us an email at and we will make you a membership offer AND give you an exclusive photoset of Vika in her Keds and her cute prom shoes in exchange for helping her. Other than that, this update just rocks as Vika loves to cram the gas pedal to the floor while telling you to lean over and watch, it’s just like you are there with her!
05/08/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving
Vika Lotion Drive!
Vika is a sensation, plain and simple. In this clip, she talks to you as she lotions up her legs and bare feet for a little drive. When she puts her foot down on the pedal, she grinds and pumps it while the engine wails under her foot, this girl knows how to make an engine scream and by the time your finished watching this, bet you’ll be screaming too. :p
05/06/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving
Vika Pulling the Fuse!
Every man who loves cranking is about to get their dream come true. One day when you and Vika were talking about pedal pumping, exposing your inner secrets, little did you know this was going to happen next. Vika learned on her own how to disable her car and she proves it to you by taking you to a very secluded area, disables her car, then pretends her car stalled out unknowingly. Lot’s of our members have described ex-girlfriends and current ones who would do this for them and for those who have never had a girl crank for them, it goes a little something like this. :).
05/03/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Cranking
Vika Driving Home!
After yesterday’s adventure, Vika is now in a rush to get home but there’s so much traffic and she’s now taken a wrong turn. She uses her phone to navigate back on the right track and after all that pumping from yesterday her feet are sore and tired so she removes the shoes and continues home.
05/01/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving

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