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That 70′s Lincoln – Amina
Here’s Amina in everyone’s favorite pumps as she floods the hell out of the 70′s Lincoln and tries in vain to get it to start up for her. It’s funny how these cars work as their temperament can never be predicted, someday’s you can flood it out and it will start right up and on other days it refuses to start. Great video for your enjoyment. :)
01/30/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Flooded Cranking
That 70′s Lincoln – May – Part 2 of 4
Old beat up cars can be amazing which you’ll find out in this next clip of this series. The series itself has been bumped up to 4 parts because of it’s length. If there was an award for longest “sitting there pumping scene” then May would have just won it as this clip primary consists of May just sitting there trying to flood out this old Lincoln. Thank you everyone for the signup’s and the support about the gayness of our friend flagging us on YouTube. Everyone has their “theories” on who it is but a couple of you have very compelling evidence of who it really is. ;)
01/28/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Flooded Starts
That 70′s Lincoln – May – Part 1 of 4
For those of us that are older, you’ll remember this car as one big boat on wheels. Today we have a new series with May as she floods out this big engine, then cranks the sputtering, choking engine until the battery is dry.
01/25/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Cranking
Teaching Girls How to Flood Cars – May – Part 2 of 2
Of course you bare foot fans are included as May slips off her shoe and just sits there flooding out the engine. After quite a bit of pumping, she then gives the key a turn and waits as the engine whines for her and after a few seconds it roars to life with such a throaty roar that it makes the mics on the cameras fade out. :)
01/22/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Flooded Starts
Teaching Girls How to Flood Cars – May – Part 1 of 2
When I put May into the drivers seat of this old grumpy ford truck, I didn’t spend hours with her training her to start it. I didn’t have any remote switches disabling the vehicle, I simply told her to pump the shit out of the gas pedal, then try and start it. Simple. Girls like May don’t know about the era of carbureted vehicles so it’s fun to let them pump and pump the pedal, then watch them as they struggle to start the engine and this is exactly what this series is about, teaching girls to start flooded cars and trucks. :p
01/21/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Flooded Starts
Teaching Girls How to Flood Cars – Amina – Part 2 of 2
Kicking off the shoes, flooding the big Ford truck barefoot and turning the key is the highlight of part two of this series as Amina does just that. Teaching girls to flood vehicles when they are used to fuel injection their whole lives is great fun because they never know when the vehicle is going to spark and fire up from all that pedal pumping. Amina’s never been behind the wheel of a loose belted, smoke belching beast before and I had her sitting there just flooding the big engine out before starting it, several times. Up next is our newest model May who will be flooding the beast out. :p
01/19/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Flooded Starts
Teaching Girls How to Flood Cars – Amina – Part 1 of 2
So yesterday I got to do something fun, I got to film two girls who knew nothing about flooding engines, how to flood engines. :) In the next few updates I’m treating you to awesomesauce so I’ll take you through this setup. Amina and May never knew what flooding engines meant and the reactions the cars can produce when doing this. So we met up with a guy who just happens to have access to several floodable cars that we’ll be filming in and this one is a Ford truck ( I forgot the year and I’ll get that information ) that even features a beer tap shifter heh. So basically what I did was place the girls into the drivers seat and with a short tutorial about pumping the hell out of a gas pedal, filmed them as they tried to start the vehicle. It was night time so I had to improvise with lighting and we were in the middle of a busy industrial parking lot so you’ll hear random people talking here and there, oh if they only knew what we were filming. Amina is featured in this first series with May after that. :p
01/18/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Flooded Starts
Meet May – Part 2 of 2
Once again my apologies for the dark video, but hey after looking outside today, there’s actually sunlight! The weather forecast looks much better and tomorrow we are filming May in a floodable vehicle! In the meantime, this test shoot with May ends with her flooring the vehicle down desolate Texas streets while wearing cute open toe style heels. :)
01/16/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving
Meet May – Part 1 of 2
My apologies for this rather dark series as Texas has been a real bitch about weather lately and putting off filming just couldn’t wait any longer so adjust your brightness settings and once more, please forgive how dark the video is. Right, now that that’s over with let’s introduce our newest model May! May is a quiet, conservative soul dressed in very conservative attire but the funny thing is, is that her foot isn’t so conservative about the gas pedal as she tests her brig truck on open streets and really gets the engine to scream. :)
01/15/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving

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