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April 2013

Vika’s Cranking Debut!
This is by far one of the best debut’s for this site in our history. Nothing against any model that has filmed for us but Vika is very easily trained and runs with her own style. This is Vika’s first shoot and you couldn’t tell at all. Her emotion, facial expressions and body language all combine into one awesome cranking clip. Our damsel is stranded on the side of the road as traffic passes, her car sputters to life but meagerly stays running. Vika puts her foot down to try and smooth things out but the car just continues to idly chug until it dies out then its a wide range of emotions as she attempts to start the car again. She checks under the hood but this Russian blonde does not know much about cars so in frustration she kicks the wheel and tries again and while she begs and pleads in english, her native tongue takes over as she converses with the car in Russian near the end.
04/30/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Cranking
Introducing Vika!
Everyone welcome Vika to Pedal Extreme! This playful Russian beauty graces our pages in her short and sweet debut driving clip and this girl knows how to floor and hold the gas pedal down! This is just a debut teaser clip for everyone to enjoy and this long legged bombshell has to put her seat all the way back to accommodate her long legs in the footwell as she drives which is great as she has to stretch to cram that gas pedal to the floor. Vika will be highlighted and featured quite a bit in the following weeks as we train her to become your next pedal-goddess. For those interested we are also holding a silent Auction for her well worn shoes she was wearing for this shoot which went right into a ziplock bag after coming off her feet. To enter the Auction, simply send an email to with your bid and in 7 days the winning bid will be notified. Vika plans to harass everyone on the messageboards within the next few days so keep an eye out! :)
04/23/2013 Pedal Pumping Genres : Driving

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