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Site Updated - 03/30/2014

Pedal Pumping with Katelyn - Today we feature Katelyn revving in her car while wearing those open toe high heels. Be sure to watch our pages later today for an important announcement.

Maintenance Updates

Update 12:29pm 03/22/2014

All upgrades are now complete.

Update 11:29AM 03/20/2014

Our website is alive and well, all links work, just waiting on the dev to push the update to complete the upgrade process.


On 03/19/2014 one of the vendors for one of the many new upgrades we’ve implemented, made a minor release which rendered the site inaccessible. I restored the site within 30 minutes from backup and we’re just waiting on the vendor to push an update out the door to complete the site upgrade. In the meantime, I will be providing this website with a user agreement that must be followed by each member and visitor of Pedal Extreme. I’ve also installed a highly detailed tracking system within the site, I know everything about everyone who visits this site. This might sound scary to some of you and if so, then you’re visiting this site with something to hide. For the rest of you, don’t worry. I pride myself on keeping your identity safe throughout the entire process of this site, in other words, your secret is safe with me, continue downloading and enjoying our content. Lastly, a live help button will be active so if you have any questions about any of our downloads, please feel free to click it and contact me live.


Katelyn’s NEW Sites!

While Katelyn’s heals from an ankle fracture, we got our other sites up and running and as soon as the Doc gives her the green light she’ll be right back in business! In the meantime, I’ve been busy getting our other sites ready for live production under the Toulu MediaWorks name and they are ready for viewing. Katelyn’s popularity is INSANE in our community and her following outside this community is, well…INSANE. Before her ankle fracture, Katelyn was filming for so many genres it was staggering so we had to cater to the demand with the following sites that are sure to please.

HOTLITTLEPIGGIES.COM features foot fetish outside of Pedal Pumping with exclusive HD content in various genres. We’ve had so many requests outside of Pedal Pumping that Piggies was the answer. Our own members have even ordered custom content outside of PP which just shows you how diverse our community really is. This site also features content filmed with some of our other models throughout the years but once again Katelyn is also the star of this site. This site is in beta so if you encounter any error just report them to and we’ll fix it right away.

Katelyn wants to get to know YOU better!

Hi everyone, Katelyn here. I’m working hard every day to make this site better for all of you but in order to help me do that I’d like to know what “turns your engine” so to speak. :) I created a brief survey which I hope you all participate in, it’s just 5 questions and it will help me understand everyone’s likes and dislikes better. So if you have a moment, would you please take the survey it would make me a happy girl. :)

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